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Description of Finis Rapid Monofin for Recreational Swimmers.

There are two styles of Monofins available, competitive and recreational. If you're just looking to swim like a dolphin, then select a recreational fin that corresponds to your shoe size. Recreational Monofins are not sufficient as a training tool for competitive swimmers.

Fun, safe and easy to use in any aquatic environment, Recreational Monofins require both feet to kick simultaneously in the motion of a dolphin kick. The result is fast and fun propulsion through the water.

The Rapid Monofin is the ultimate swimming accessory for adults who are just looking for fun or to improve their swimming ability.

Rapid Monofin is a firm blade measuring 24 x 21 inches. Adjustable to fit men's shoe sizes 9 to 12. (Women sizes 8 to 13.)  For novice or recreational swimmers.

1.35.003, 708-126