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Description of Finis Competitor Monofin.

There are two styles of Monofins available, competitive and recreational. It is important to understand your swimming ability in order to select the proper model. If you're interested in a training tool, please select the best competitive style to fit your training needs.

Training with a Competitive Monofin benefits all swimming strokes by improving streamline, body alignment, dolphin kick technique, and overall efficiency. Greater flexibility and strength within all core leg muscle groups are a direct result of consistent Monofin use. One of the greatest recent changes in swimming history resulted from improved underwater dolphin kick technique and accurate streamlining.

The Competitor is the largest and fastest of all FINIS Monofins, the Competitor Monofin utilizes a hand tapered fiberglass blade that provides speed, flexibility, and maximum distance per kick. For fin swimmers and free divers.

Size Shoe Size
M 6.5-8
L 8.5-10
XL 10.5-12
XXL 12.5-16

Need help choosing a Competitive Monofin? Click Here to View Monofin Brochure!

1.35.007, 708-140