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Shooter Monofin Item: 708-120

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Training with a Competitive Monofin benefits all swimming strokes by improving streamline, body alignment, dolphin kick technique, and overall efficiency. Greater flexibility and strength within all core leg muscle groups are a direct result of consistent Monofin use. One of the greatest recent changes in swimming history resulted from improved underwater dolphin kick technique and accurate streamlining.

With a short and stiff fiberglass blade, the Shooter Monofin builds a quick and powerful butterfly kick, while improving flexibility in feet and ankles. Allows for race pace kick speed while working abdominal muscles, lower back, quadriceps and gluteus. The Shooter is a useful tool for underwater drills, breaststroke technique and butterfly conditioning.

  • Short and stiff fiberglass blade allows for race pace tempo.
  • Builds core muscles including abs, lower back, quads and gluteus.
  • Ideal for butterfly training to maintain a strong, composed stroke.
  • Develops a powerful, hip-generated dolphin kick.
  • Works well for breaststroke drills, backstroke underwater work and side kicking.
  • Increases range of motion in feet and ankles.
  • High speeds enable important streamlining adjustments.

Trainer 1 Monofin Item: #708-128