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Softer than any other Zoomers fins, the Z2 Zoomers fin is the most comfortable and easiest to use of all the Zoomers fins. With a short blade design, the Z2 Zoomers fin promote a shorter and faster kick for a better workout. The Fluid Separator slices through the water on the down kick, allowing the Hydro Channels to capture more water on the up kick for stronger forward propulsion. The center Flex Box targets and strengthens hamstrings and glutes.

Features and Benefits:

  • New and Improved Comfortable Fit
    Soft 100% natural rubber molds to the foot
  • Forward Propulsion Hydro Channels
    Efficiency propels you forward more than any other Zoomers fin
  • Short Blade
    Promotes shorter and faster kicks
  • Fitness Oriented Fin
    Increases leg strength and builds cardiovascular conditioning
  • Fluid Separator
    Allows the foot to easily slice through the water
  • Flex Box
    Catches water on the up kick, targeting and strengthening hamstrings and glutes
  • Closed heel design
    Creates a soft and secure fit and inhibits hyperflexion