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Positive Drive Fins Sizes M-L Item: 708-253

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The Positive Drive Fins (PDF's) use a unique ellipsoidal blade to generate correct propulsion in all swim strokes. Traditionally fins are not made for Breaststroke, but the asymmetrical shape and adjustable heel strap allows the swimmer to safely build power in the Breaststroke kick. The short and wide blade design also promotes a natural inward supination kick style for Backstroke, Butterfly, and Freestyle.

The only fin for all four strokes, the Positive Drive Fins are designed for the breaststroke, freestyle, backstroke, and butterfly. They have an adjustable heel strap and are available in multiple sizes: Youth 8 to Men 13.

This item sizes: M-L. M = 3.5-6 Men; 4.5-7 Women. L = 6.5-8 Men; 7.5-9 Women.

  • Ellipsoidal Blade – Generates correct propulsion in all kick styles.
  • Asymmetrical Design – Promotes a natural inward supination kick cycle.
  • Adjustable Heel Strap – Creates a customized fit that secures fin and allows the feet to flex more naturally.
  • Versatile Training – Increases leg strength, foot speed and ankle flexibility for all four competitive swim strokes; great for training the Individual Medley event.
  • Breaststroke Compatible – Safely build power in your breaststroke kick.
  • Ergonomic Footpocket – Comfortably places feet in ideal swimming position.
  • Closed Toe – Provides superior energy transfer.

Positive Drive Fins Sizes XS-S Item: #708-252
Positive Drive Fins Sizes XL-XXL Item: #708-254