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Lamotte Insta-Test Salt (Sodium Chloride) (10 Strips) Item: 2998

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Insta-Test Strips are an unbeatable test system. They are accurate, reliable and easy-to-read. New one-dip formula; read instantly!

TESTS: Sodium Chloride (Salt) strips measure from 1500, 2000, 2500, 3000, 3500, 4000, and 5000 ppm in 20 seconds.

  • Pop-top caps are easy to open and shut - guaranteed for 1,000+ openings.
  • The only strip with no required waiting period. Just swirl 3 times and read!
  • The patented vial has a molded desiccant liner, protecting the strips from moisture intrusion, UV light and eliminating loose desiccant bags.
  • Leakproof – airtight seal meets USDA and FDA requirements.
  • Lamotte guarantees the Insta-Test® pool and spa strips will help the user maintain proper free chlorine levels and balanced water. (Measures free chlorine or bromine on one strip.)
  • Thirty (30) month shelf life. Ten (10) strips per bottle.

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