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Thermal King Heat Blanket with 3-Year Warranty Item: 500013-V150-3
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These superior, energy-saving blankets will outlast all others and offer significant energy savings. Covers are made of a five-layer system to insulate and protect. The heavy-duty material is UV protected and engineered to provide the most efficient energy saving system for your pool. Please Note: Cover is not classified as safety cover system and should not be used as such and carries no warranty for such use.

The cover material is Blue-Blue 10 x 10 count fabric-foam laminate with black edging. Material consists of white, .125-inch thick, closed-cell, cross-linked, 2 PCF density polyethylene foam complemented with EVA additive, fortified on both sides with heavy duty, woven high-density polyethylene (HDPE) fabrics. Both sides of HDPE fabrics are protected from harmful UV exposures by the addition of 3 mils thick UV resistant coating. Blanket is edged with a tubular weighted PVC coated tarpolene, UV protected, material that contains flow holes to hold covers in place in windy environments.

Energy Saver Cover Construction: Laminated materials are sewn together by using .375-inch gauge double needle, lockstitch machine and size 138 bonded, black, UV resistant polyester threads. To add stability, outdoor covers are equipped with weighted vinyl anchor edge, sewn along the length of the cover. Each end of cover is reinforced with .125-inch thick load-dispersing PVC plates, non-corrosive stainless grommets, and all are encapsulated with 6 layers of fabric. Cover has a R_Factor of 4.5.The loop tie assembly consists of two components. A plasticized non slip UV inhibited HDPE loop tie handle and a Spectra HMPE 12 strand 5/16 inch rope joined to the loop tie handle for easy and simple cover retrieval and storage.

Blankets are reversible (blue on blue). They are easy to deploy and retrieve. Panels come complete with loop ties for attaching the individual panels to a stainless steel Bitterroot portable blanket storage reel system.

Available in regular or irregular shapes. (Priced per square foot.)

  • 3 year warranty
  • Easy to deploy and retrieve.
  • Blankets are reversible.
  • Advanced Performance—100% stabilized polyester woven 20 x 20 denier.
  • Longer Life—Coated and UV stabilized on both sides for maximum protection.
  • Superior Strength Edging—Made with PVC coated tarpaulin; will not chalk or flake.