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The Scout and Revolution 2nd Anchor System (single anchor docking station) has been designed to comply with the latest ADA requirements. It has a simple but robust design and can be retrofitted with a nominal amount of time, tools and expensive.

Note that the 2nd Anchor System has been designed to comply with the NEC requirements for bonding. The applicable section from the NEC code reads:

(5) Metal Fittings - All metal fittings within or attached to the pool structure shall be bonded. Isolated parts that are not over 100mm (4 inches) in any dimension and do not penetrate into the pool structure more than 25mm (1 inch) shall not require bonding.

All Scout and Revolution lifts shipped prior to Feb. 1, 2012, DOJ clarification can be field converted with the purchase of a Second Anchor Assembly (single anchor docking station). If you purchased a Scout or Revolution lift that was shipped after the first of February and did not include a second anchor docking station, please contact us for instructions on obtaining this anchor.