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Clamp Mount Mixer, Totally Enclosed, 36 Inch Shaft, 115V, 1/3 HP, Vinyl Coated Shaft Item: 42728-C
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The clamp mount mixer provides a convenient method of attaching a mixer to a vertical surface or support such as the side wall of a tank or drum. This type of mount saves time since it requires no drilling or extra mixer supports. It also has the added advantage of being portable and an easily be transferred from one tank or drum to another. Each mount features a rugged dual clamp design which holds the mixer securely in place (1/20 hp mixers have a single clamp support).

The mount is designed with a bolt secured pivot allowing adjustment of the angle at which the mixer shaft enters the tank for increased efficiency in solution agitation. Constructed of 316 stainless steel shaft with an integral impeller. The shaft is coupled to the motor via a brass adapter which is held securely by four stainless steel set screws. The clamp mount is constructed of steel and is coated with corrosion resistant paint.