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Taylor Reagents

We offer Taylor Reagents in a large selection of sizes and types.  No matter what swimming pool reagent you need for your Taylor kit, you will find it here!

R-0001-3 DPD Reagents #1, #2, #3 R-0001-C-I.jpg R-0004 pH Indicator R-0004-A-I.jpg R-0005 Acid Demand R-0005-A-I.jpg R-0006 Base Demand R-0006-C-I.jpg
R-0007 Thiosulfate N/10 R-0007-A-I.jpg R-0008 Total Alkalinity R-0008-A-I.jpg R-0009 Sulfuric Acid R-0009-A-I.jpg R-0010 Calcium Buffer R-0010-A-I.jpg
R-0011L Calcium Indicator R-0011L-A-I.jpg R-0012 Hardness R-0012-A-I.jpg R-0013 Cyanuric Acid R-0013-A-I.jpg R-0014,15,16 Residential Series R-0014-A-I.jpg
R-0600 Orthotolidine R-0600-A-I.jpg R-0601 Molybdate R-0601-E-I.jpg R-0604 Chlorine #2 R-0604-C-I.jpg R-0616 Hydrochloric Acid R-0616-C-I.jpg
R-0618 Hardness .01M R-0618-E-I.jpg R-0627S Sulfuric Acid N/50 R-0627S-50-E-I.jpg R-0630 Chromate Indicator R-0630-A-I.jpg R-0636 Starch Indicator R-0636-C-I.jpg
R-0638 Phenolphthalein Indicator R-0638W-I.jpg R-0645 Total Alkalinity R-0645-C-I.jpg R-0653 Calcium Buffer R-0653-2-C-I.jpg R-0664,65,66 Bleach Reagents R-0664-C-I.jpg
R-0706 Silver Nitrate R-0706-C-I.jpg R-0736 Sulfuric Acid .6N R-0736-E-I.jpg R-0765 Potassium Iodide Crystals R-0765-I-I.jpg R-0810 Sodium Carbonate .24N R-0810-C-I.jpg
R-0811 Sulfuric Acid R-0811-C-I.jpg R-0833 DI Water R-0833-C-I.jpg R-0851-2 Iron #1, #2 R-0851-A-I.jpg R-0853 Acid Demand R-0853-C-I.jpg
R-0854 Total Hardness R-0854-A-I.jpg R-0860-0861 Copper #1, #2 R-0860-C-I.jpg R-0862 Base Demand R-0862-C-I.jpg R-0867 Deox R-0867-C-I.jpg
R-0870 DPD Powder R-0870-I-I.jpg R-0871 FAS-DPD Titrating (chlorine) R-0871-A-I.jpg R-0872 FAS-DPD Titrating (bromine) R-0872-A-I.jpg R-0881 Toluidine Blue O Indicator R-0881-A-I.jpg
R-0883, 0884 QAC Titrating Solution R-0884-C-I.jpg R-1003H Bromthymol Blue Indicator R-1003H-A-I.jpg R-1003J pH Indicator Solution (Phenol Red) R-1003J-A-I.jpg R-1003K Cresol Red Indicator R-1003K-A-I.jpg
R-1003U Long Range Indicator R-1003U-A-DB-I.jpg R-1099-04 Buffer Solution pH 4.0 R-1099-04-C-I.jpg R-1099-07 Buffer Solution pH 7.0 R-1099-07-E-I.jpg R-1099-10 Buffer Solution pH 10.0 R-1099-10-E-I.jpg
Reagents Other 945-23227-I.jpg Tablets R-0848-Z-I.jpg    
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