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2000 Series Comparator FAS-DPD/pH 7.0-8.0 Item: R-9058
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Bromine and Chlorine, 2000 Series Comparator, K-2006, K2006C, K2009.

Because all chemicals have a shelf life, you should gauge your usage rates carefully before ordering in quantity and be sure to rotate your stock.

It is recommended that you change the reagents in your test kit yearly!

Click Here for Shelf Life Information!

K-2006-I.jpg Series 2000 FAS-DPD Complete Test Kit, Alkalinity/Chlorine (Hi Range) Item: #K-2006 13 - In stock
K-2006C-I.jpg Series 2000 Chlorine FAS-DPD Service Complete Test Kit, Alkalinity/Chlorine (Hi Range) Item: #K-2006C 35 - In stock
K-2009-I.jpg Series 2000 Pool Inspector FAS-DPD Test Kit, Chlorine (Hi Range) Item: #K-2009 Ships in 2-4 days