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Description of MP140AWA Clair UV Disinfection System w/Automatic Wiper Arm, Medium Pressure, 1320 GPM.

The Clair-UV MP systems are designed to be used in public pools. These lamps operate over a wide spectrum of UV light between 240 to 310 nm (nanometers) in wavelength, producing an effective reduction of chloramines and the ability to eliminate 99% of microorganisms including bacteria and viruses. The Clair-UV system will also save on chemical and water usage as it eliminates the unwanted chloramines in the pool.

UV eliminate ray treatment systems are completely automatic with very low maintenance and operating costs. They also have considerable advantages over other systems:

  • 100% of pool water is treated.
  • The treated water is free of unpleasant odors and does not irritate the eyes due to the drastic reduction in chloramines.
  • Reduces the need to chlorine shock the water resulting in a reduction of chemical usage.
  • Environmentally friendly: (1) Less fresh water is needed (daily water renewal is reduced). (2) Significantly reduces the amount of water used by minimizing the amount of make-up water required to chemically balance pool water.


  • Maximum pressure 50 psi.
  • Housing constructed of Stainless Steel.
  • UV Light Dosage: 60 mj/cm2.
  • Complete with Electronic Control Panel w/PI55 Protection.
  • Lamp Type: Medium pressure protected by a Quartz Tube.
  • Average Life of Lamp: 4,000 hours.
  • Includes a UV Radiation Measurement Cell with alarm to indicate dirt on quartz or low lamp intensity.
  • Includes manual Quartz Tube Cleaning Wiper.
  • System supplied with necessary cable for installation.
  • Warranty: Limited 5-Year.
  • System includes a flow sensor for automatic shut-down if flow is interrupted.
  • System can be installed horizontally or vertically.

Model MP140 Clair UV MP System with Automatic Wiper Arm: Maximum Pressure: 50 PSI. Maximum Flow Rate: 1320 GPM. Watts: 600. Flange: 8 inch.

32681AWA, 702-32681AWA