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Swivel Wheel Vacuum Head 19 Inch Item: R201126

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The Pentair ProVac® cleans a pool bottom in half the time, even with low flow suction. Its unique suction chamber concentrates vacuum velocity equally from both ends as well as front to back. Full width flex strips guide debris into the suction chamber where it is quickly removed. Reinforced at all stress points, the body is molded in one piece of flexible polyethylene. Lead weights are strategically placed for balance and ease of operation. All wheels are adjustable to increase or decrease the vacuum velocity as desired.

Each ProVac® is assembled with white short leg strips for leaves and large debris. A blue long leg strip is included for sand, silt and fine debris.

The Swivel Wheel 19 Inch Commercial Flexible Vacuum Head is ABS and polyethylene with 6 fully-enclosed lead weights. The adjustable polyurethane wheels swivel in any direction. The 19 inch body has 1.5 inch vacuum swivel adapter which allows hose to move freely without twisting. A 2 inch hose fits directly on vacuum. The Swivel Wheel has snap-adapt handle and all component parts are replaceable.