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Olympic Hydrolon Paint Quarts Item: Kelley Hydrolon Quarts

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Compatible with Chlorinated Rubber and Water Based Acrylic Only!

HYDROLON is a water-base acrylic enamel designed for fast easy application on bare concrete or plaster and over an old rubber base finish. HYDROLON can be applied to damp surfaces and has no solvent vapors. The unique properties of HYDROLON make it perfect for seasonal commercial application or for use in indoor facilities. Two coats are required but a third may be necessary for unusually porous bare surfaces.

Compatible with these types of pools: Bare Concrete, Concrete, or Plaster. Coverage: Approximately 250 - 300 square feet per gallon.

Colors cannot be guaranteed for accuracy.

Most paint available in quarts, gallons and 5 gallon containers.

This item cannot be overnighted! Shipped ground only. If you have any questions about shipping, please call our Customer Service Department.

Please Note: Paint is Not Returnable.

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