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Heavy Duty Industrial Water Broom 3 Foot Wide with Steel Construction Item: 926-C47

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Our model C4 Water Brooms are the very best on the market for commercial and industrial use. All C4 American Water Brooms are designed to take more than rough handling. They withstand normal industrial use.

Model C4-7 is 3 feet wide and works on normal water pressureƜjust ordinary tap water. Constructed of steel with brass ball fittings and valve. Comes complete, ready to connect to standard garden hose. This size and model is our most popular.

Connect the Water Broom to an ordinary hose and save time, money, and water! The Water Broom quickly and efficiently cleans any well-drained surface in about one-fifth the time and uses about one-tenth the water of a hose alone. Turns ordinary tap water into a high pressure, highly maneuverable line of water that cleans quickly and easily, leaving a fast-drying surface behind.

Handle length is 4 feet. Swivel casters have: steel yokes, rubber wheels, a full set of ball bearings above and below the swivel, and a hard inner bearing on the axle (facing surface of the wheel). Each caster's capacity is a minimum of 3 times the weight of the entire water broom.

Comes completely assembled. Shipping Weight: 13 lbs.

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