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Water Level Controller WLC-100-3 Package (Includes Probes, Holder Plate, Connectors and Chamber) Item: WLC1003PKG

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The WLC-100 automatic make-up water level controller package consists of a PVC chamber to hose stainless steel probes, a liquid level relay and delay timer, 110 Volt 24-hour timer, and terminal board. It uses a three-probe electrode system: one for high level, one for low level and one for ground.

The standard probes supplied are 12 inches in length and cut to suit size in field. This is so you can adjust to size and gutter conditions. Electrodes are T316 stainless steel connected to a UL approved probe holder. The probe holders allow for a +/- 1/2 inch elevation adjustment.

These are housed in the PVC Chamber which consists of an 8 inch Schedule 80 PVC pipe. It has a removable cover and adjustable collar suitable for deck level installation.

A 24-hour 110V time clock is provided to allow for variable time settings of operation for the WLC system. The clock has a manual override.

Water Level Controller WLC-200 Package (Includes Probes, Holder Plate, Connectors and Chamber) Item: #WLC2001PKG