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Calgon Pump Protector - 10 Oz. Item: CM4299T8

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When winterizing your pool, don’t just drain the pool and leave the pump unprotected. Oxygen and moisture can cause corrosion and lead to pump binding and failure at next year's start-up.

Winterize your pump with FOAM-in protection that will last all winter long.

Why you should use Pump Protector

Simply draining a seasonally operated pump leaves it vulnerable to corrosion during extended shutdown periods. When a water pump is drained and allowed to stand idle, moisture and oxygen in the air cause corrosion of the impeller and other internal metal surfaces. When corrosion occurs in close-tolerance areas, it can cause the impeller to stick or bind. As a result, when you are required to put the pump back into service, it may not start. Just when your service demands are at their peak, you may have to shut down a system to remove, disassemble, clean, reassemble and reinstall a pump. Then there's still the possibility of customer displeasure when faced with the cost of repair and, sometimes, pump replacement. Nu-Calgon Pump Protector puts an end to these problems.

How Pump Protector Works
Pump Protector is an exclusive blend of special corrosion inhibitors and lubricants which expands rapidly into a foam when applied. You simply drain the pump and inject Pump Protector into the drain opening. It fills the entire volume, penetrating into even the smallest areas. In a few hours the foam disappears, leaving a tough, durable film that lubricates and protects all internal pump surfaces against rust and corrosion.

This protective film is extremely stable. It will not evaporate and is not affected by freezing temperatures. Protection lasts until the pump is started again. No special cleaning is needed at startup because Pump Protector's corrosion-inhibiting film is water soluble. Just fill the pump with water and start it.

Read and understand the product's label and Material Safety Data Sheet for precautionary and first aid information.

  • Protects against corrosion and ends-pump impeller binding.
  • Convenient aerosol package.
  • Safe for all types of water pumps
  • One can is enough for most pumps
  • Requires no special rinsing at startup
  • Protects pool pumps throughout the winter

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