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  Winterizing Kit - 25,000 Gallons  

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Description of Winterizing Kit - 25,000 Gallons

Our Pool-Trol winter kits are designed to care for your pool over the winter months when your pump and filter are not running to help ensure a trouble-free Spring opening. Our kits contain chemicals that when used in conjunction with each other will treat your pool water over the winter months.

25,000 Gallon Pool-Trol Winterizing Kit contains:

  • 3 dispensers (4 lbs. 5 oz.) Winter "G" Tablets
  • 1 quart Liquid Winterizer
  • 1 quart Winter Stain Out
  • 1 quart Winter Conditioner and Deodor

For swimming pools up to 25,000 gallons. Used by hundreds of pool owners all over the Northeast!

Our dispenser contains 23 oz. of buffering agents to condition your water during the winter months. Simple pierce the holes on the side of the dispenser and suspend in pool water. The chemicals will slowly disperse into the pool water over the winter months.

A conditioning agent used to winterize your pool over the winter months. When used in conjunction with the chemicals in this kit, the Winterizer is the necessary addition to keep your pool conditioned during the winter months.

Specially formulated to prevent stains caused by mineral deposits, such as iron or copper, in your pool water over the winter months.

Chemical Winter Kits are made to properly work for a maximum of about 4 months. If the pool is going to be closed for a longer period of time (example closing before October 1 and opening after May 1), it is highly suggested to add additional shock and algaecide to the winterizing process. This will help to prevent not only algae growth but chlorine demand problems at pool opening.

575253, CM575253


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