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GFCT052004 Grosfillex
GFCT052004 27.7200
GFUS526704 Grosfillex
GFUS526704 145.3600
GFUS526778 Grosfillex
GFUS526778 200.3400
GFCT052008 Grosfillex
GFCT052008 28.1800
GFCT052078 Grosfillex
GFCT052078 25.7200
GFUS146004 Grosfillex
GFUS146004 130.7900
GFUS240208 Grosfillex
GFUS240208 372.9500
GFUS240408 Grosfillex
GFUS240408 411.0200
GFUS240608 Grosfillex
GFUS240608 411.0200
GFUS243104 Grosfillex
GFUS243104 333.5900
GFUS526766 Grosfillex
GFUS526766 200.3400
GFUS810004 Grosfillex
GFUS810004 134.7500
GFUS911067 Grosfillex
GFUS911067 299.4200
GFUS920008 Grosfillex
GFUS920008 299.4100

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Pool deck and patio tables, as well as dining tables, compliment the pool deck area providing an overall comfortable lounging space for everyone. Whether it is a dining table or side table, they provide a designated area for beverages, snacks and supplies. Available in both durable resin and fiberglass, they are designed to hold up against harsh elements.
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