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Swimming pool safety covers keep your pool clean and safe by preventing debris, people, and animals from falling into the pool when not in use. They withstand more weight than ordinary pool covers and can keep a child or animal from falling through. Most covers attach to brass safety cover anchors that are installed into the surrounding deck.

140-MM17X35OVAL 1503.9300
140-M18X37GRECIANCE 1018.4200
140-M20X50 1276.4900
140-MM18X37GRECIANCE 1220.9800
140-MM18X38 1159.4700
140-MM20X39GRECIANCE 1326.4400
140-V14X32 938.7100
140-V1632NS 827.4800
140-V18X37GRECIANCE 1256.7600
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Selecting a Safety Cover

Determining Step Side

When standing at the shallow end facing your pool, the side your steps are on will determine which side steps you should select for your safety cover. Please review the step diagram for a visual representation of step side.

Determing Pool Step Side

Mesh Safety Covers

Mesh covers are lighter than solid vinyl, so installation is an easier process. Mesh offers a cost effective, safe, and attractive method for keeping your family safe and protecting your investment.
Mesh Safety Cover

Solid Vinyl Safety Covers

Solid vinyl blocks most rain water from entering your pool and blocks UV light as well. This prevents algae from growing over the winter months, and makes opening your pool much easier in the spring.
Solid Vinyl Safety Cover

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