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Gate Valves (8 items)

Manufacturer Pipe Size Valve Type
LV116-121 Legend Valve
LV116-121 180.0800
LV116-123 Legend Valve
LV116-123 255.5100
LV116-124 Legend Valve
LV116-124 368.8800
LV116-126 Legend Valve
LV116-126 763.3600
LV116-127 Legend Valve
LV116-127 1181.5100
LV116-102 Legend Valve
LV116-102 173.1400
LV116-105 Legend Valve
LV116-105 401.1700
LV116-108 Legend Valve
LV116-108 1258.9900

Gate Valves

Gate valves are designed for fully open or fully closed usage. They are not designed to regulate flow rate. When the control mechanism is turned, and internal gate rises or lowers to allow or restrict flow.
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