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Manual Battery Pool Cleaners (15 products - shop parts)

Manufacturer Cord Size Voltage Intended Usage
BROOM Water Tech
BROOM 60.6700
WTPBCG Water Tech
WTPBCG 270.3400
HH9110 HammerHead
HH9110 1815.9800
Sku: HH9110
WTSPAVAC127 Water Tech
WTSPAVAC127 48.0200
30000ML Water Tech
30000ML 203.2000
Sku: 30000ML

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Manual Battery Pool Cleaners

Manual pool cleaners are excellent choices for commercial facilities, pool cleaning professionals doing route work, and even discerning backyard owners. Unlike an automatic pool cleaner, these units allow you to clean specific areas of your pool. This allows you to quickly get your pool sparkling for an upcoming pool party or spot-clean a mess in no time.
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