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Pace Clocks

Pace clocks offer swimmers and coaches the opportunity to improve swim times. A traditional pace clock has no hour hand and has seconds written on it instead of hours. Digital pace clocks are available and work similarly to the traditional clock; the minutes and seconds are displayed but in a digital format.

Aquatic Technology
AQPC30 295.4700
Colorado Time
1151-PC-STANDARD 843.7600
Colorado Time
1151-PC-PORT 953.9200
Colorado Time
1151-PC-PRO 1055.4400
Colorado Time
1151-PCW-PRO 1298.4400
Colorado Time
1151-PCW-Standard 1020.8800
Colorado Time
1151-SP-1400 1367.3500
Colorado Time
1151-SP-1600 1720.4300
Colorado Time
1151-UPC-C 494.1900
Aquatic Technology
AQPC18 199.0000



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