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Pool Alarms

The 1st step in safety - know when someone enters the pool area with a pool alarm. Pool alarms are designed to alert you when a child or intruder has entered the pool, opened the door, or opened the gate. These specialty alarms will detect any intrusion in the pool or intrusion of the door or gate. They are primarily used by residential pool owners to detect intruders or children in the area that has been alarmed.

AVPW120CXFTRP 319.8300
PGRM2 216.7600
DAPT2 66.2600
DAPTWT 82.1300
GAPT2 74.9800
PGSD 11.4200
GA-25 92.0100
GA-30 112.0400
PA-25 161.8800
PA-30 197.6700
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