Tube Bundle 130 Polymer Cupro Kit

Tube Bundle 130 Polymer Cupro Kit (011598F)

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Replacement part for the following items

  • Genuine Raypak replacement part
Shipping Weight:49.99 lbs.
Return Policy:We do not accept returns for this product.

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I want to replace the copper tube bundle in my pool heater-RayPak 130A. Are kits #011597F and #011598F interchangeable and are the tube seals included?

owen hanson asked on 04-30-17

Yes, they are interchangeable. Part #011597F Tube Bundle 130 Polymer Kit and part #011598F Tube Bundle 130 Polymer Cupro Kit both fit the RayPak 130A Heater and comes with tube seals.

Poolweb Technical Support answered on May 2, 2017

Tube Bundle 130 Polymer Cupro Kit
011598F 011598F
402.02 USD