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Deck-O-Grip Non Skid crylic Coating - 5 Gallon Bucket

Question: Do you have colors?

Answer: Concrete should be colored or stained prior to applying DECK-O-GRIP. It is a non-yellowing, high solids, transparent, easy-to-apply concrete and tile sealer, designed for exterior swimming pool decks, patios, sidewalks, and porches. It is specifically designed to retain and enhance the appearance of your deck.This transparent sealer has no color option.

E-Z Patch 1 Pool Plaster Repair - White

Question: My pool vacuum cleaner has stripped small areas of plaster to the concrete base. Is there a product that can be trowled over to cover?

Answer: Yes, E-Z Patch 1 works well for rough surface repairs to gunite or concrete pool surfaces. Follow the simple instructions and make repairs that last.

Surge Suppression Kit (for RS12, 16, 2/10, 2/14), 3-Year Warranty

Question: Hi, I have a Jandy Power Center Sub Panel 6614AP-L and need a surge protector because the mother board keeps burning out every time there is lightnin

Answer: Yes, this Surge Suppression Kit (for RS12, 16, 2/10, 2/14), 3-Year Warranty (7627) is made to protect your Jandy Power Center Sub Panel 6614AP-L and the components.

Galvanized Steel Super Convoy Paint Primer - Gallon

Question: When this primer is used on galvanized steel can Poxolon 2 be used as the finish coat?

Answer: Yes, two finish coats of Poxolon 2 are required in all cases. Use with primer on concrete, plaster, fiberglass and metal pools. Poxolon 2 may be applied by either airless sprayer or roller.Poxolon 2 is a high gloss epoxy pool coating that is easy to apply and should yield up to five years of service. This finish is very easy to clean as is the case with all epoxy pool coatings. You may use Poxolon 2 on most conventional pool surfaces with excellent results.

Underwater Speaker Model UW-30 with 50 Foot Cord

Question: How good does it sound when you're underwater? Do you need to worry about creating stereo underwater or is sound just sound under water?

Answer: A single model UW30 will deliver uniform sound throughout moderate pools, up to 30 by 30 feet. For larger pools, up to 30 by 60 feet, two speakers should be used. If a high level of turbulence is to be overcome, such as swimming and diving instruction classes, several speakers should be used. The noise level in the water will not only be more effectively overcome, but it will also allow each speaker to be operated at a lower power level thus avoiding excessive sound intensities in the immediate vicinity of the speakers. Operating depth shall be not more than 10 feet below the surface of the water. Recommended operating depth for optimum efficiency shall be not more than 1.2 m (4.0 ft.). If you want sound/music under water, this unit delivers. It's not like sitting in your living room listening to music but certainly provides a unique listening experience while you swim. Used for synchronized swimming events and instructors in teaching situations. No need to worry about stereo.

Inter-Fab Duro-Spring Jump Stand with Jig and Hardware

Question: I purchased an DS6WW duro-spring Jump Board. I need an DSS6 Base without the Spring Jig, I already have a jig in place. Can I buy just the base?

Answer: The part DSS-6 will come with the jig. We do not have this part without it.

Dri-Dek Open Grid Floor Tile 3 x 12 Foot Roll

Question: Is your Roll Dri Dek, is it a solid roll? Is it more pliable than your 12 x 12 tiles?

Answer: The Dri-Dek Open Grid Floor Tile 3 x 12 Foot Roll (AQFT340DD) is not a solid roll. This item is sold as a 3' x 4' foot roll. It is made from flexible virgin Oxy-B1 vinyl. The 12" x 12" are made from the same material.

Pool Leak Stop - 1 Quart

Question: I have a 4x10 by 1 foot deep concrete retention pond that captures circulated water from a waterfall can this seal undetectable leaks in concrete ?

Answer: Pool Stop Leak cures to form a long-lasting seal, that can eliminate leaks, as large as 1/8 inch in diameter. Vinyl liner, gunite, concrete or fiberglass pools should use 1-quart. We have had many customers use Pool Stop Leak with success, but not all. Follow directions on the bottle for best results.

Cup Anchor With Triangular Bolt - 316L Stainless Steel

Question: How do I install KDI SS Cup Anchors for lane lines?

Answer: 1- Locate approximately where the cup anchors are to be installed. 2 - Cut a hole in the pool wall at these locations measuring approximately 8 inch minimum round x 9 inch deep. Undercut the sides of the lower half of the hole slightly. 3 - Properly bond/ground the cup anchor using the grounding screw provided on each cup anchor. 4 - Using props, position the cup anchor so that it is level and flush with the final pool wall. 5 - Fill the holes with the proper concrete mix or epoxy anchoring resin.

Vari-Flo Multiport 6-Position Control Valve Replacement Side Mount 2 Inch (Sand S240)

Question: I have a Hayward S240 side mount sand filter and the vari flow valve is cracked. I need a replacement the one I have is SP710XA-13, do you have one?

Answer: The part #SPX0710X32 - Vari-Flo Control Valve Assembly 1 1?2" is the side mount multiport 1.5 inch for the Hayward S240 filter.