Paint (6 categories)

Pool Paint

Swimming pool paint and coatings are necessary protections for many types of pool surfaces. Selecting the correct type of paint is important to long term adhesion. Not all pool p...

Deck Paint

You can turn an old tired concrete pool deck into a brand new looking deck. Our patio and deck paints are easy to apply and help to bring back a clean surface.

Athletic Court Paint

Outdoor court coating is an easy to use, one-coat court finish for asphalt and concrete surfaces. Great for tennis courts, basketball courts, volleyball courts, or any recreation...


Priming your pool before painting is essential for the longevity of your paint! We carry a full line of Olympic primers for all pool types and desired paint coatings. Do it yours...

Additives & Accessories

From paint solvents to cleaning agents, we carry a selection of items to make maintaining and cleaning your pool easier.

Anti-Slip Coating

Regardless of your pool deck surface, we have a product to increase the traction and safety of your swimmers. Having proper traction on pool steps and around a deck is important ...

Swimming Pool Paint

We carry the industries most trusted swimming pool paint brands. Choose from chlorinated rubber, epoxy, and acrylics in a variety of sizes and colors.