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About Starting Blocks

Starting blocks provide a launching platform for competitive swimmers to improve their time during training and swim meet competitions. Starting blocks are available in a variety of styles and configurations to fit any gutter configurations. When you just have to get off to a good start, count on Poolweb to deliver the best products in the industry!


Setback refers to the distance from the starting block anchor to the pool wall. An anchor point must be at least 6” from a concrete edge (a pool gutter, for example) so be sure to account for any unique features on your deck when planning an installation. Each block has its own predesigned setback range.

Track Start

When performing a track start, a swimmer positions one foot on the front of the block and one foot at the rear. This position allows for a faster reaction time off the block. A track style block usually features an angled kick-plate for the swimmer’s rear foot.

Standard Start

When performing standard grab start, the swimmer positions both feet and hands at the front of the block. This position results in a slightly slower reaction time off the block, but greater flight distance.

Starting Platform Height Requirements

Water Depth**
Rulling Body Course Length Less Than 4'-0" 4'-0" to 4'-6" Greater Than 4'6"
FINA Long/Short NO PLATFORM 20" - 29 1/2"
USAS Long NO PLATFORM 20" - 29 1/2"
Short 30" MAX
USMS Long NO PLATFORM 20" - 29 1/2"
Short 30" MAX
** Location of Water Depth Measurement from Pool Wall
FINA 3'-3 1/2" (1 meter) to 19'-8 1/4" (6 meters)
NCAA Minimum 4'-0" throughout pool recommended
USAS 3'-3 1/2" (1 meter) to 16'-5" (5 meters)
USMS 3'-3 1/2" (1 meter) to 16'-5" (5 meters)
NFHS From pool wall (0 meters) to 16'-5" (5 meters)
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