Chemicals (10 categories)

Water Testing

Pool water testing kits help pool owners and operators identify pool chemistry issues. Having the right test kit and fresh reagents are essential to obtaining the right readings ...

Safety Gear

Aprons, respirators, gloves and more! Protect yourself and your workers while in the pool chemical room. Proper safety gear is essential to keeping pool operators safe from corro...


Is your pool turning green? Get it sparkling clean again with a high quality algaecide from Poolweb!


Keep your alkalinity, calcium and pH in balance with our quality chemical balancers. And don't forget the CYA help to protect your chlorine from the suns rays, thus increasing it...


Bromine Sanitizers are chemicals that remove unpleasant or undesired features in pool water. Available in a variety of sizes.


Pool chlorine available in granular, tablets, powder and sticks. Keep your pool clean with calcium hypochlorite (Cal-Hypo), diclor, and pool shock.


All-natural enzyme pool products are great alternative to harsh pool chemicals. These products are guaranteed to perform...but are also as safe and environmentally responsible as...

Specialty Chemicals

Special Pool Chemical Products for your pools and spas for cleaning, clarifying, floc, winterizing, and more!

Winterizing Chemicals

We offer various winter chemicals and closing kits for your inground and aboveground pools. Top quality swimming pool chemicals and kits for closing your pool.

Cleaning Chemicals

A variety of cleaning solutions for your pool, filter, deck furniture, hot tub, and much more.

Swimming Pool Chemicals and Balancers

Water treatment chemicals and testing equipment for commercial and residential pools. It is essential to keep your pool chemistry properly balanced on a day to day basis. A variety of different chemicals, enzymes, and water test kits are needed to have your pool remain safe and clear. From chlorine to algaecides, you will find a wide selection available in a variety of sizes.