Taylor Professional Complete Slide Chlorine DPD/Alkalinity/pH/Plus Test Kit - K-1741C
  • Taylor Professional Complete Slide Chlorine DPD/Alkalinity/pH/Plus Test Kit - K-1741C
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Poolweb #K-1741C

Taylor Professional Complete Slide Chlorine DPD/Alkalinity/pH/Plus Test Kit - K-1741C

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Advantages of DPD Test Kits

DPD Test Kits test for the level of disinfectant present (free chlorine) in your pool water with a high degree of accuracy. Many of the kits include tests for pH and other factors.

Professional Color-Matching Kits

Many test kits designed for professionals use the color-matching or drop-count titrations for straightforward answers. These kits typically use 2 ounce or tablet reagents and cover a variety of factors.

Ideal Alkalinity/pH Levels

Alkalinity levels should be between 80 and 120 parts per million (ppm). And your pH levels should be between 7.2 and 7.8 ppm.

Product Information


This is a Taylor Professional Complete Slide Comparator Chlorine DPD/Alkalinity/pH/Plus Test Kit. K-1741C tests for Alkalinity, Chlorine DPD, Copper, CYA, Hardness, Iron and pH using slide comparator, drop test and visual determination systems and various methods like DPD and Phenol Red.

Test Kits in the Professional Series offer a wide selection of test combinations for comprehensive pool water analysis. These kits are distinguished by their accuracy of liquid-to-liquid colorimetric testing, 2 ounce reagents, and attache'-style carrying cases. They also feature slide liquid-to-liquid comparators, reagents color-coded to instructions, waterproof instructions, treatment charts, 2004B Chemistry Guide, and Watergram Chart. If you are an operator or regulator of a commercial facility and you don't see the ranges or combinations to meet your local ordinances, call our Customer Service Department.

Product Features

  • Free & Total Chlorine 1.0-10 ppm
  • Free & Total Chlorine 0-3.0 ppm
  • pH/Acid/Base 6.8-8.4
  • Total Alkalinity 1 drop = 10 ppm
  • Calcium and Total Hardness - 1 drop = 10 ppm
  • Cyanuric Acid 20-100 ppm CYA
  • Copper 0-3.0 ppm
  • Iron 0-2.0 ppm
  • Reagents are 2 ounces

Instructions for Professional Complete Chlorine/Copper/CYA/pH Test Kit

Read instructions thoroughly before beginning tests.

A pdf of the detailed instructions can be found under Product Documents.

Why should you choose a Taylor Test Kit?

Taylor pool test kits offers customers unparalleled benefits in terms of accuracy, convenience, innovation, and sustainability. With a diverse product range, strong customer support, and established reputation, Taylor Water Technologies remains a leading choice for water quality testing solutions. Taylor offers a perfect blend of accuracy and convenience in their water test kits. 

Each test kit is manufactured with precision, employing both wet and dry chemistry methods, as well as advanced technology. Boasting nearly 600 different test-kit configurations, Taylor caters to diverse customer needs across various water-testing sectors. This wide product range ensures that customers can find a unique and accurate test kit tailored to their specific requirements.

With a strong international presence and a long history of success, Taylor Water Technologies is a proven and trusted name in the water testing industry. Customers opting for Taylor test kits have the assurance of partnering with a global leader that is devoted to customer satisfaction, innovation and quality pool water testing kits. 

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Product CategoryDPD Test Kits
Poolweb Item #K-1741C
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