Filtration (8 categories)

Pool Filters

From state-of-the-art high-rate sand filters to minimal-maintenance cartridge filters, we carry a large selection of the industries best brands. In addition, we have thousands of...

Hair & Lint Strainers

Protect the sensitive areas of your pool pump with hair and lint strainers from leading manufacturers. In line pool strainers available in fiberglass, cast iron, PVC, and stainle...

Filter Valves

Necessary to help clean clean, back flush and control water flow - there are many filter valves available, in top or side mount with 1-1/2 to 3 inch plumbing options.

Filter Cartridges

Replacing your pool or spa filtration cartridges is critical to keeping your water sparkling and safe. Choose from hundreds of cartridges in different shapes, sizes and manufactu...

DE Filter Grids

Diatomaceous Earth (DE) filters are extremely efficient, but only when the grids are undamaged and free of holes. Keep your filter working happily with a great deal from Poolweb!

Pressure Gauges

Not all filters are the same but a pressure gauge will help you know your filter's "normal". Once you know what normal is... diagnosing potential problems with filtration or circ...

Filter Media

Quality filter media for DE (Diatomaceous Earth) and sand pool filtration systems provides crystal clear pool and spa water. Sand or diatomaceous earth provide ultimate microscop...

Sight Glass

Install sight glass anywhere in a line of pipe where you want to see the effectiveness of cleaning action to help eliminate wasted backwash water.

Swimming Pool Filtration Equipment

Pool and spa filters are an integral part of swimming pool sanitation and maintenance. By removing dirt, debris, hair, body oils, and other impurities, pool filters keep your water clean, clear and inviting. Choose from three different filter technologies: cartridge, DE or sand. Replacement cartridges, grids, media, site glass, hair and lint strainers, and filter valves are also available.