Pool Filters (3 categories)

Cartridge Filters

Known for their easy maintenance and ability to filter small particles, cartridge filters are a popular choice for the discerning backyard pool owner.

Diatomaceous Earth Filters

With the ability to filter down to 3 microns, a Diatomaceous Earth Pool Filter provides unparalleled water-quality. Choose models from Hayward, Pentair, Sta-Rite, and more!

Sand Filters

Sand Filters are generally the most compact and low-cost option to filter a pool. While they do require occasional backwashing to clear out the filter, they are a reasonably low-...

Swimming Pool Filters

From state-of-the-art high-rate sand filters to minimal-maintenance cartridge filters, we carry a large selection of the industries best brands. In addition, we have thousands of filter parts in stock to keep your pool filter running and your water clean! Pool filters are essential to every pool and choosing the best filter can improve your water quality and will lead to less long term maintenance issues and a lower cost of ownership.