Pool Cleaners (6 categories)

Robotic Pool Cleaners

Robotic pool cleaners make cleaning your pool a breeze. Simply plug the unit in and let it go to work! These pool cleaners can learn the profile of your pool to optimize the clea...

Manual Battery Pool Cleaners

Manual pool cleaners are excellent choices for commercial facilities, pool cleaning professionals doing route work, and even discerning backyard owners. Unlike an automatic pool ...

Suction Side Pool Cleaners

A suction side cleaner connects to your filtration system and is powered by your pump. Suitable for both above ground and in ground pools, a suction side cleaner offers a low-cos...

Pressure Side Pool Cleaners

A pressure side pool cleaner uses the return jets of your pool (where clean water is pumped back in) to create a suction vortex that pulls debris into the onboard filter bag. Mos...

Spa Cleaners

Keep your spa clean, sparkling, and inviting with a manual spa cleaner! A good spa cleaner can pick up rocks, dirt, and leaves and requires no batteries or electricity to run.

Manual Electric Pool Cleaners

Manual electric pool cleaners are a great option for large commercial pools. With a pump and filtration system onboard, these units are portable powerhouses!

Cleaners for Pools and Spas

Our large selection of pool cleaners help keep your pool free of debris and sparkling clean. Cleaners are available for above ground or in ground, residential or commercial pools and spas.