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Manual Electric Pool Cleaners (30 products)

Manufacturer Cord Size Horsepower Voltage Intended Usage Rank
AQPVS1552002300100-V02 Aquatic Technology
AQPVS1552002300100-V02 2332.0400
AQPVS2000050115050 Aquatic Technology
AQPVS2000050115050 1559.0200
AQDPV100115-015-050-V02 Aquatic Technology
AQDPV100115-015-050-V02 1149.1700
AQDPV100230-015-050-V02 Aquatic Technology
AQDPV100230-015-050-V02 1229.8300
AQDPV150115-015-050-V02 Aquatic Technology
AQDPV150115-015-050-V02 1367.6600
AQDPV150115-015-075-V02 Aquatic Technology
AQDPV150115-015-075-V02 1344.4500
AQDPV150115-020-050-V02 Aquatic Technology
AQDPV150115-020-050-V02 1537.5300
AQDPV200230-020-050-V02 Aquatic Technology
AQDPV200230-020-050-V02 1412.3600
AQPVS1051002300075-V02 Aquatic Technology
AQPVS1051002300075-V02 2061.8300
AQPVS1552002300050-V02 Aquatic Technology
AQPVS1552002300050-V02 2268.7000
AQPVS1552002300075-V03 Aquatic Technology
AQPVS1552002300075-V03 2303.0200
AQPVS2000100115050 Aquatic Technology
AQPVS2000100115050 1613.4800

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Manual Electric Pool Cleaners

Manual electric pool cleaners are a great option for large commercial pools. With a pump and filtration system onboard, these units are portable powerhouses!
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