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Pressure Side Pool Cleaners (19 products - shop parts)

Manufacturer Cord Size Intended Usage Rank
LL505PMG Pentair
LL505PMG 640.4100
Sku: LL505PMG
F20 Polaris
F20 566.3600
Sku: F20
F5T Polaris
F5T 591.1100
Sku: F5T
6-120-00 Polaris
6-120-00 294.1600
Sku: 6-120-00
6-130-00 Polaris
6-130-00 211.7000
Sku: 6-130-00
6-130-00T Polaris
6-130-00T 241.3700
Sku: 6-130-00T
LL505G Pentair
LL505G 499.8800
Sku: LL505G
LL505GG Pentair
LL505GG 532.0700
Sku: LL505GG
LL505PM Pentair
LL505PM 640.4100
Sku: LL505PM
LX5000G Pentair
LX5000G 503.6500
Sku: LX5000G
LX5000GG Pentair
LX5000GG 550.2500
Sku: LX5000GG
TVP500C Hayward
TVP500C 516.4400
Sku: TVP500C

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Pressure Side Pool Cleaners

A pressure side pool cleaner uses the return jets of your pool (where clean water is pumped back in) to create a suction vortex that pulls debris into the onboard filter bag. Most pressure side units require a booster pump for optimal operation.
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