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Water Sports

We carry a full line of water sports equipment, from recreational to competition level. Top brands such as Dunn-Rite, SR Smith, Inter-Fab, Pool Shot and more.

Swim Training

Special equipment and gear designed to train, inspire confidence, and even work on swimming technique. Get a great deal and teach the little ones to swim like champs!


Apparel accessories include backpacks, mesh bags, key chains, sunscreen, swim diapers and towels. Backpacks and mesh bags are used by aquatic personnel for carrying gear. Swim diap...


Lifeguard and aquatic staff apparel from leading brands such as Dolfin and Tyr. Compare our prices and save!


Swim training fins offer an excellent tool to swimmers to strengthen leg muscles and improve kicks. A variety of training fins from the leading manufacturers are offered to meet an...


Get a workout and stay cool with water aerobics! We carry top quality items from Aquajogger, Hydro-Fit, and more.

Floats & Tubes

High quality commercial water tubes and floats, with a selection of residential floats as well!


Kick boards can be used as an excellent swim training tool, or they can just provide a bit of recreation to your swimming! Choose a variety of styles and colors.


Life jackets or personal flotation devices (PFDs) are designed to assist a wearer to keep afloat in the water. The wearer of the life jacket may be either conscious or unconsciou...

Masks & Snorkels

Recreational swim masks and snorkels to add a bit of fun to your swim routine!


Water noodles are becoming a favorite for water aerobics and can help with balance and flotation while exercising in the pool.

Pool Games

Diving sticks, rings and other fun toys. Choose from a great selection of pool games and make swim time extra fun for the kids. As an added bonus, swim games can help promote confi...

Swimming Pool Games and Exercise Gear

Poolweb carries a full line of apparel, games, water aerobics, and sporting gear. From recreational to professional level, we've got a a wide selection and a great deal in stock and ready to ship! Top brands such as Poolmaster, Dunn-Rite, SR Smith, and more.