Hawaii Pool Equipment & Sign Requirements

Sechi DiskYes Shop
Depth MarkersYesWithin 18” of water edge, installed at maximum and minimum depths, at all slope changes, at increments of water depth not to exceed 2 feet  not spaced to exceed 25 feet, arranged uniformly on both sides and ends of pool. Slip Resistant on deck. Lettering shall spell out or abbreviate: FT OR FEET, IN OR INCHES. NO DIVING SYMBOL at depths of 5 ft. or less and spaced at intervals of not more than 25 feet.Shop
Rescue PoleYes12' required. (One lifesaving unit per 2,000 square feet) Shop
Shepherds CrookYes Shop
Throw LineYes1/4 inch diameter - Not less than 1-1/2x maximum width of pool.Shop
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