Indiana Pool Equipment & Sign Requirements

Sechi DiskYes Shop
Rescue PoleYes12' RequiredShop
Shepherds CrookYes Shop
Ring BuoysYes20" Life Ring Buoy Required. Minimum 1 unit of Lifesaving (Lifepole or shepherd’s crook type pool or ring buoy) per 2000 sq. ft. Pools over 2000 sq ft. rescue tube or buoy for each lifeguard.Shop
Throw LineYes45' of 1/4 in. diameter throw line required.Shop
Depth MarkersYes

Within 18” of edge, installed at maximum and minimum water depths and at all points of slope change and at intermediate increments of water depth not to exceed 2 ft.

4 inch lettering height. "No Diving" symbols shall be placed on the deck at twenty-five (25) foot minimum intervals where the pool depth is five (5) feet or less.​

Rope & Float LineYesBuoyed transition line shall separate shallow area (5 ft. or less) from deeper pool area.Shop
Lifeguard ChairYesLifeguard chairs are required where the pool depth is a minimum of forty-eight (48) inches at a rate of one (1) chair per every two thousand (2,000) square feet of water surface.​Shop
SpineboardYes Shop
First Aid KitYes Shop
Rescue BlanketYes2 blankets required.Shop

Lifeguard/No Lifeguard

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Rules - Spa

Chemical Room

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No Diving



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