Nebraska Pool Equipment & Sign Requirements

Rescue PoleYes12' RequiredShop
Shepherds CrookYes Shop
Ring BuoysYes18" Life Ring Buoy RequiredShop
Throw LineYes1x maximum pool width of throw line required.Shop
Depth MarkersYesWater Depth must be plainly marked at or above the water surface on the vertical pool wall and on the edge of the deck ​at maximum and minimum points of break between deep and shallow portions, at intermediate increments of depth, spaced not more than 25’ intervals. Must be in NUMERALS.Shop
Rope & Float LineYesThe boundary line (rope and floats) between the shallow (less than 5 feet) and deep (greater than 5 feet) areas of the pool must be clearly marked by a line of contrasting color at least 4 inches wide on the floor and walls of the pool, and by a safety rope and floats equipped with float keepers.  Shop
CPR MaskYesIf pool staffed by lifeguard.Shop
GlovesYesIf pool staffed by lifeguard.Shop
WhistleYesIf pool staffed by lifeguard.Shop
SpineboardYesClass A Pools (town, state pools). 3 straps required.Shop
Rescue TubeYesClass B Pools (apts, hotels, etc)Shop
First Aid KitYes Shop
Compliance with these recommendations does not guarantee that you will be in conformance with any building code, health code, or federal, state or local regulations regarding safety or pool regulation compliance. Compliance does not ensure the absolute safety of you, your operations or place of business. Aquatic Technology, Inc ( is not a law firm and does not and will not perform services performed by an attorney.