State Codes

Nevada Pool Code

Code: Nevada NAC-444
Effective Date:June 1, 2012
Governing Body:Nevada State Health Division
Notes: Public spas in Nevada are required to post a 4 inch lettering height sign regarding children and maximum recommended time in the spa. The Nevada Pool Rules were developed using general safety and sanitation guidelines found in the Nevada NAC-444.

Required Pool Safety Equipment For Nevada

Rescue PoleYes12' RequiredShop
Shepherds CrookYes Shop
Ring BuoysYes20" Life Ring Buoy Required. Minimum of 1 unit of lifesaving equipment per 2,000 square feet.Shop
Throw LineYes1.5x maximum pool width throw line required. 1/4” in diameter.Shop
Rescue BlanketYesMinimum of 2 required.Shop
Depth MarkersYes In units of feet on wall at maximum and minimum points, and at points of break between deep and shallow portions, and at intermediate increments of depth, placed not more than 25’ intervals. On both sides and both ends of pool. Numerals. NO DIVING 4” high on deck or a sign.Shop
Lifeguard ChairYesElevated Lifeguard Chairs for Lifeguards for every 2000 square feet.Shop
Rope & Float LineYesLifeline with floats must be installed. Devices for fastening lifelines must be installed at least 2 feet (0.6 meter) toward the shallow end from the break in grade between the shallow portion and the deep portion of a pool. These devices must be securely anchored, of corrosion resistant material and of a type which will be recessed or have no hazardous projection.Shop
CPR MaskYesIf pool staffed by lifeguard.Shop
Rescue TubeYesMinimum of 1 unit of lifesaving equipment per 2,000 square feet.Shop
First Aid KitYes Shop

Lifeguard/No Lifeguard

Chemical Room

First Aid

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No Diving

Pool Capacity

No Swimming



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