Pool Safety (9 categories)

First Response

Stay compliant with your state codes and keep your swimmers safe with our high quality rescue equipment. Pool safety equipment is essential to keeping swimmers safe and out of da...

First Aid

Swimming pool operators must maintain a properly equipped first aid stations for your pool. Pool first aid kits are mandatory for many states. This includes first aid kits and su...

Beach Flags

Beach flags are great for displaying conditions to beach and water users. We offer all the standard warnings including no swimming, high surf and more.


Water resistant binoculars for surveying an area from a distance. An excellent rescue tool for lifeguards. Essential for beaches and lake lifeguards.

Emergency Telephones

Emergency response telephones are needed at all facilities without lifeguards and many states require them at all pools. These units allow for quicker response and emergency aid ...


A great selection of megaphones and air horns for lifeguards and coaches!

Training Aids

Helpful training aids such as water rescue manikins and diving bricks for lifeguards.


Whistles are the most important tool for guard to keep swimmers in line. A great selection of whistles and lanyards for guards and coaches! Pea less whistles, break away lanyards...

Wrist Bands

Wristbands are a great method of visually identifying your paying customers or managing age and height restrictions at your facility.

Swimming Pool Safety Equipment

Safety and Rescue Products including AED units, Lifeguard Rescue Tubes, Rescue Cans, Hooks, Buoys, First Aid, Back Boards, and other water safety and rescue items.