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Chlorinated Winter Kit - 10,000 Gallons
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Poolweb #C003477-CS6X1K

Chlorinated Winter Kit - 10,000 Gallons

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This is a Haviland Chlorinated Winter Kit for up to 10,000 gallons and contains a fast acting Quick Shock and Algae Kill for control of algae growth in your pool.

The Quick Shock is a dry granular sodium dichlor which kills algae and purifies pool water. The Algae Kill (Algae Kil 10) is a liquid algaecide which will effectively control algae and prevent future formations.

This kit is compatible with salt water pools for winterization.

Active Ingredients of Quick Shock: 99% Sodium Dichloro-s-triazinetrione.

Active Ingredients of the Algae Kil 10: 10% Alkyl (C14=50% C12=40% C16=10%) dimethyl, benzyl ammonium chloride, 90% Other Ingredients.

Directions for Using the Chlorinated Winter Kit at Pool Closing:
  1. Clean pool and vacuum up any debris present in pool water. Any debris or algae left in pool will result in problems next spring. Remove all ladders and accessories.
  2. Test and adjust pH, alkalinity and hardness levels. Pool water must be balanced (pH 7.2-7.5, Alkalinity 80-150, Hardness 175-275), Iron or Copper less or equal to .05).
  3. Apply chemicals 24 hours before lowering the pool water. Add entire contents of this box to pool as follows:
    1. Add Haviland Quick Shock by broadcasting over pool water surface.
    2. Pour entire contents of Haviland Algae Kil 10 into pool.
  4. Next, lower water level to recommended level for closing your pool. Clean and store all equipment.
  5. Cover pool with quality cover and properly install to prevent debris from falling in the pool.

Product Features

  • Contains: 1 lb. Haviland Quick Shock and 1 qt. Haviland Algae Kil 10
  • Fast acting and quick dissolving shock
  • Long lasting chlorine for the closing months
  • Algae Kil is compatible with all forms of sanitizer
  • Broad-spectrum quad based algae preventative
  • EPA registered product

Technical Specifications

Product CategoryWinterizing Chemicals
Poolweb Item #C003477-CS6X1K
Shipping Weight4.0 lb

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