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SmaterSpa Semi-Automatic Chlorine Generator with Chlorine Detection - 110/220 VAC SmaterSpa Semi-Automatic Chlorine Generator with Chlorine Detection - 110/220 VAC SmaterSpa Semi-Automatic Chlorine Generator with Chlorine Detection - 110/220 VAC
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Poolweb #SmarterSpa

SmaterSpa Semi-Automatic Chlorine Generator with Chlorine Detection - 110/220 VAC

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The SmarterSpa by ControlOMatic is a salt chlorine generator for hot tubs or spas (up to 1,000 gallons) with built-in chlorine detection. It is the only spa chlorine generator in the world with chlorine detection built directly into the cell. The SmarterSpa requires no spa modification. Simply attach the control panel to the spa skirt, add 1.5 pounds of salt per 100 gallons of spa water, drape the cell over the side into the spa water and plug it in.

The SmarterSpa doesn't operate on a timed cycle like a typical saltwater chlorine generator. Traditional salt systems run on a fixed cycle, meaning that they turn on at predetermined times, regardless if there is already enough chlorine, leading to a risk of over-chlorination. The SmarterSpa, on the other hand, measures the chlorine and, when it needs more, it will start a chlorine generation cycle. Even at the highest chlorine production setting, it will not over-chlorinate your spa!

The SmarterSpa chlorinator produces a low 1,500 to 2,000 ppm salt concentration with pure chlorination of up to 30 grams per day. It will let you know when to add salt to maintain or boost chlorine production. The SmarterSpa has 10 time-based power levels of chlorine production including a Boost Mode which allows for manual control. Plus, it supports both 110 and 220 VAC supply voltages.

It can be a challenge to keep the water in your spa (or hot tub) crystal clear and odor-free. When life gets busy, it can be very easy to forget to add chlorine (or bromine) to your spa, which can lead to problems, especially since the higher temperature of the water makes that chemical balance all the more important. Spa chlorine generators, like the SmarterSpa for example, can greatly reduce spa problems and spa maintenance since they continuously make chlorine every day so that you don't have to add it yourself.

For in-line installation, please view: #SmarterSpa-IL.

Product Features

  • For spas up to 1,000 gallons
  • Built-In Chlorine Detection Technology
  • Easy-To-Use Control Box: 3 buttons and 4 lights for operation
  • Salt Level Indicator Technology
  • Supports both 110 and 220 VAC
  • Cell Life Span: 7,000 hours of chlorine production
  • Easy to Replace Cell
  • Automatic Cleaning (helps reduce calcium buildup)
  • High Current Shutdown (to protect titanium plates)
  • Includes control box, 5V power supply, electrode, cell and test strips
  • One-Year Warranty

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Product CategoryChlorine Salt Generators
Poolweb Item #SmarterSpa
Shipping Weight16.0 lb

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