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Thermolastic Vertical Joint Filler - Gallon Thermolastic Vertical Joint Filler - Gallon
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Poolweb #935V-G

Thermolastic Vertical Joint Filler - Gallon

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This a one gallon container of Thermolastic Vertical Joint Filler. Thermolastic Joint Filler for expansion joints is a permanently flexible, polysulfide rubber-base material for filling vertical joints in concrete. (Horizontal Joint Filler also available but sold separately.) Thermolastic will pay for its installation many times due to the water saved and the long life expectancy.

Leaky expansion and construction joints result in greatly increased water consumption. Thermolastic, after the addition of the catalyst, cures to a resilient solid rubber material within 48 hours after mixing. It will stretch to double its original dimensions without failing and will return to its original dimensions when the stress is relieved.

Being approximately 100% solids, it will completely fill an opening without shrinking, cracking, or losing adhesion, provided it is properly installed by an experienced person. It has remarkable adhesion on all primed concrete surfaces. It offers a permanent attachment as these surfaces expand and contract. Its tensile strength is over 100 PSI. It also has excellent weathering qualities remaining flexible and in its original condition for 20 years or more in sunlight and water.

Unlike bituminous joint filters, which soften when the temperatures are high and may be tracked by foot traffic, Thermolastic does not soften when hot. This is a very important feature when filling joints in pool decks. It also does not become dry and brittle when temperatures reach Arctic cold conditions.

After 48 hours, Thermolastic may be coated with an Olympic epoxy coating, using Gunzite primer. Thermolastic is not compatible with rubber base coatings, Paralon 2, Excellon, and Optilon, Patio Tones, or Hydrolon. DO NOT apply these coatings over Thermolastic. When using these coatings, trim up to BUT NOT over Thermolastic.

Product Features

  • One gallon fills 231 cubic inches (25 lineal feet at 3/4" x 1")
  • Will completely fill an opening without shrinking or cracking.
  • Excellent weather qualities.
  • Does not soften when hot.
  • May be coated with Epoxy paint only.

Technical Specifications

Product CategoryCrack and Joint Repair
Poolweb Item #935V-G
Cross Reference #KT935
Shipping Weight16.0 lb

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