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South Carolina Pool Code

Code: South Carolina Regulation 61-51
Effective Date:June 27, 2014
Governing Body:South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control
Notes: South Carolina’s Pool Rules sign contains the wording required in S.C. Regulation 61-51, including information required to be filled in before authorized operation. Their No Lifeguard sign is in 6 inch and 4 inch lettering height, as required, and a minimum of two clearly visible signs posted at facilities required to do so.

Required Pool Safety Equipment For South Carolina

Rescue PoleYes12' RequiredShop
Shepherds CrookYes Shop
Ring BuoysYes20" Life Ring Buoy Required. Rescue tube may replace buoy.Shop
Throw LineYes1.5x width of pool up to 50 Feet. Shop
Depth MarkersYes At maximum and minimum points, not more than 2 foot intermediate increments of depth. Not more than 2​5 foot intervals on center. ​​No Diving Universal sign co-located with each set of depth marker tiles. FT or FEET. Depth markers on pools with multiple slopes must accurately reflect the minimum depth at edge and maximum depth at center, separated by a hyphenShop
Rope & Float LineYesNot more than 5 ft. intervals between floats. 3/4” line, Floats minimum 5x6”, located at deep end transition point.Shop
SpineboardYes Shop

Lifeguard/No Lifeguard

Rules - Pool

No Diving




Rules - Spa

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