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Arkansas state flag Arkansas Pool Regulations

Arkansas Swimming Pool Rules and Regulations 

The State of Arkansas has strict regulations in place to ensure the safety of people who use and swim in pools or spas. All swimming pool and spa operators are required to post a sign at the entrance indicating the maximum bather load, along with other important rules and regulations. 

Additionally, all pools must be equipped with life-saving devices such as life buoys or ropes available for use at all times.  Operators must maintain proper pH and chlorine levels in the pool water to prevent skin irritation and illnesses; this should be checked regularly. These strict rules are intended to protect swimmers from harm while enjoying their time in the water.

Code: Arkansas Rules and Regs Under Code 20-7-109 and Code 20-30-103
Effective Date: August 1, 2012
Governing Body: Arkansas State Board of Health
Notes: The Arkansas Swimming Pool Rules and Regulations of 2012 have specific items that are addressed in their Pool Rules and Spa Rules signs. Arkansas also requires the Maximum Bather Load to be posted at the pool or spa entrance.

Required Equipment for Public Pools

Safety Equipment Notes

Lifeguard Signs

Capacity Signs

Telephone Signs

Chemical Signs

Pool Rules Signs

Spa Rules Signs

No Diving Signs

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