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Security Policy takes the security of its customers' sensitive information very seriously. As a result, we have implemented several robust measures to safeguard against any potential threats or attacks. We utilize cutting-edge data encryption technology, specifically Secure Socket Layers (SSL), which serves as a critical layer of protection between your computer and our servers. This encryption technology ensures that any information communicated between your browser and our servers remains confidential and secure.

We also conduct thorough fraud screenings for each credit card transaction to prevent fraudulent purchases from being processed. Our fraud screening process enables us to identify and flag any transactions that exhibit unusual or suspicious activity, which we then investigate more thoroughly to prevent any unauthorized access. This extra level of security ensures that you can trust us with your personal and financial information.

We regularly review and monitor our security measures to ensure that they meet the most current industry standards and best practices. Additionally, we employ several security protocols to protect our systems from malicious attacks, including firewalls, anti-virus software, and intrusion detection systems.

Credit Card Fraud Warranty

Poolweb guarantees that every online transaction you make with us will be 100% safe. You will pay nothing if fraudulent charges are made against your account as a result of shopping with us.

Under the Fair Credit Billing Act, your bank cannot hold you liable for more than $50.00 of fraudulent charges. If your bank does hold you liable for any of this $50.00, we will reimburse this liability for you, not to exceed $50.00. We will only cover this liability if the unauthorized use of your credit card resulted from purchases made on our website while using the secure server.


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