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The Poolweb Guarantee

Poolweb guarantees that the item you receive will function as advertised for one year. We strive to sell the highest quality products manufactured by the nation’s best manufacturers and we are willing to stand behind them.

This guarantee provides a 100% credit for a defective item in the first thirty days of ownership.

Customers who experience product defects within the first year of ownership should report the defect immediately as it can impact your credit amount. will provide you with a pre-paid label to return the item or defective part for credit. You will receive a store credit to assist you in purchasing a new one or the right part to fix the issue.

Pro-Rated Product Guarantee Credit
1st Month 100% credit
2nd to 4th Month 75% credit
5th to 8th Month 50% credit
9th to 12th Month 30% credit

In order to qualify for a guarantee credit, the defect or failure must fit the qualifications of the original manufacturer’s warranty for a defect. It cannot be caused by or excluded by any of the original manufacturer’s warranty exclusions or limitations.

The Poolweb guarantee starts on the day you receive your order and credits are based on the original purchase price.

Frequent Questions

  • How do I use the credit?
  • The credit provided can be used to purchase the required items on The credit is good for 30 days and must be used to purchase the same item or the part needed to repair the defect. Credits are only provided to the original owner/purchaser, are not transferable, and will not be returned back onto your original method of payment.
  • How much of a credit will I receive?
  • The credited amount is the prorated amount based on the purchase price to either replace or repair the item - whichever is less.

    Example 1: You purchased a $400 pool pump and it stopped working after 3 months. The unit is not repairable and must be replaced. You would receive a 75% prorated credit of $300 to replace it.

    Example 2: Six months ago, you purchased a pool filter for $800 and the pressure gauge failed, but otherwise your filter is operational. The pressure gauge part costs $15. The guarantee covers this filter after six months for up to $400. You would receive a credit for $15 to replace this gauge.

    The amount credited is pro-rated based on how long you have owned the product and the maximum credit that will be authorized is $5000.
  • How does this impact a manufacturer’s warranty claim?
  • This guarantee does not exclude you from filing a warranty claim with the original manufacturer. You should know that as part of a manufacturer’s direct warranty claim, many swimming pool equipment manufacturers require you to ship back the broken item at your cost for inspection and replacement. We have seen this process take 4-8 weeks. does not assist with manufacturer’s warranty claims. Customers are responsible for any manufacturer warranty claims if they choose to pursue that option. However, if you file a manufacturer warranty claim, you cannot also request a credit from based on this guarantee.
  • How is the pro-rated time frame calculated?
  • The pro-rated calculation starts on the day your order is received and runs until the day you submit a guarantee claim on If you submit the claim four months and one day following the shipment, it would be subject to the 5 to 8 month proration amount.
  • Is this a product warranty?
  • No, this guarantee is not a product warranty as we are not the manufacturer of most of the items we sell. We are only guaranteeing that the items we sell will function for a year and we provide and credit you for some or all of the costs associated with making that item operational again.
  • Are items manufactured by covered by this guarantee?
  • Yes. We also provide a limited warranty on these items that may exceed the value of this guarantee. You can see the item warranty here.
  • What if the manufacturer doesn’t offer a warranty for items purchased online?
  • Several manufacturers refuse to honor warranties for items purchased online. will still guarantee these products against defect.
  • What is excluded?
  • This guarantee does not cover consumables such as chemicals, paint, reagents, filter cartridges, as well as custom manufactured items. This guarantee does not provide reimbursements for labor, costs related to downtime, additional parts needed to make necessary repairs, freight charges, costs related to repair/replacement of other items which were damaged due to defect, or your costs associated with purchases made with other merchants. Poolweb is not responsible for any additional costs that the customer would have to incur such as price increases, additional shipping charges, or sales tax. Poolweb is not liable for incidental or consequential damage of any nature caused by this defect. Products shipped internationally are not eligible for credit.


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