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The Poolweb Guarantee

Poolweb guarantees that the item you receive will function as advertised for one year. We strive to sell the highest quality products manufactured by the nation’s best manufacturers and we are willing to stand behind them.

This guarantee provides a 100% credit for a defective item in the first thirty days of ownership.

Customers who experience product defects within the first year of ownership should report the defect immediately as it can impact your credit amount. will provide you with a pre-paid label to return the item or defective part for credit. You will receive a store credit to assist you in purchasing a new one or the right part to fix the issue.

Pro-Rated Product Guarantee Credit
1st Month 100% credit
2nd to 4th Month 75% credit
5th to 8th Month 50% credit
9th to 12th Month 30% credit

In order to qualify for a guarantee credit, the defect or failure must fit the qualifications of the original manufacturer’s warranty for a defect. It cannot be caused by or excluded by any of the original manufacturer’s warranty exclusions or limitations.

The Poolweb guarantee starts on the day you receive your order and credits are based on the original purchase price.

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