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Freight Shipments has thousands of items which we ship via semi-truck. The carrier that is used will depend on your location, the location of the warehouse, the item, etc. Some orders will ship freight truck if the order is large enough to warrant the shipment to more safely move in palletized form.

You should be aware that receiving a freight truck shipment is not the same as a regular UPS or Fedex shipment. The biggest difference is that you have to be present during the time of delivery. The trucking company is also not obligated to assist you in getting the item off the truck. However, many drivers are kind enough to help.

Additional charges do apply if you ask the freight driver to change the location of the delivery, deliver the product inside or at the pool, etc. It is always best to ask the driver if there is a fee for whichever service you are asking them to perform as you are responsible for these charges.

Orders that ship via LTL freight truck are delivered curb side or at your dock. They may be delivered with pallet, crate, or other hard packing.

We are able to move most freight truck items with expedited shipping. We have access to hot shot trucks, next day air freight, and more expedited ground freight carriers. Please call us for available options before placing your order.


Inspecting your order when it arrives

You must inspect the goods before you sign the delivery receipt from the carrier.

If the product is damaged, write "DAMAGED" on the delivery receipt or refuse the shipment if you feel it is damaged beyond repair.

If you suspect that something is damaged inside the packaging, notate "DAMAGED" on the delivery receipt before signing the delivery receipt.

Be sure to count all the pieces and ensure that everything is accounted for. Ask the driver how many pieces are supposed to be delivered and verify that count. If boxes, pallets or pieces or any items are or are suspected to be missing, write “SHORTAGE” on the delivery receipt.

If you notice damage or missing items afterwards after accepting your delivery, you must call the carrier and within 24 hours to report it so the claim process can begin. Failure to inspect your shipment promptly and report damages or shortages could result in you being responsible for the damage.

If there has been any damage or missing pieces in your shipment, please contact us immediately.


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