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We are required by law to collect all taxes in a variety of states nationwide . When you review your order total during the checkout process, you'll see the sales tax charged in your state.

You can process a tax exempt order by uploading your tax exemption certificate right in the shopping cart. Once you have provided the certificate, you can place a tax free order. Your order will be held for review to ensure the certificate is valid and current.  If you still see sales tax in your online order, please contact customer service for assistance as you will be charged at checkout.

You can also place your order with a customer service representative  and inform them of your tax exempt status. They can assist with properly processing your order to ensure no sales tax is charged on your orders.

You will be charged for sales tax if you do not first inform us of your tax exempt status. Credits for sales tax on orders placed before requesting a sales tax exemption with are not available.


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